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Diabetes socks

Diabetic stockings


The solution to healthy feet is very simple: Diabetic stockings are a welcomed opportunity for you as a diabetic to avoid foot ulcers and the likes with a pair of fashionable stockings. As a diabetic there is an underlying strong probability of developing foot ulcers.  Luckily there is a simple solution to the problems.


 Diabetic stockings are actually here to help diabetics who are suffering from the above problems. The minimal content of silver fibres is for instance helping to improve the health of your feet while the normal quality of the compression stockings is there as well.  You will see at significantly eased blood circulation all the ways to the tips of your toes giving you an immense advantage health wise.


Special diabetic stockings for diabetics 


On this site you will of course find quality stockings for diabetics suffering from foot ulcers and bad blood circulation. The quality is very high underlined by the material which is 100 % cotton. This gives the familiar and comfortable feeling of a good pair of stockings, as well as absorbing and giving your foot noticeable better comfort.


Beside this, all the stockings for diabetics are developed with added stretch so they are easier to put on and take off for both young people and the elderly. This is a huge advantage as everyone can benefit from the stockings. They are also produced without the annoying rib at the tip of the stocking shaft which otherwise can be a great nuisance.

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