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Flight stockings

15-21 mmHg

All products in this category are compression class 1, 15-21 mmHg. Read more about the materials here


Flight stockings in unicolour


The use of compression stockings reduces the risk of blood clotting when you are on a longer flight where many develop “blood clots without symptoms” which cannot be felt immediately, but nonetheless develops in the deeper veins of the legs. Flight stockings are therefore very popular, and are recommended if you are flying for 8 hours or more. However, you can easily use them on smaller journeys as well just as compression stockings also can be used if you primarily sit still throughout a long working day.


Flight stockings in unicolour are a category with flight stockings in unicolour aimed at people going on longer flights.  The stockings in unicolour are stylish and neutral to look at, and as such they will not differ significantly from ordinary stockings. This can be an advantage to you, as it looks more professional.


What do compression stockings do exactly? 


Compression stockings help prevent swellings, pain, build-up of fluid, and much more. By adding extra pressure to the venous pumps and the many veins in the leg the blood will thereby more easily return from the feet and legs back to the heart. This keeps the legs going even if you are sitting still for longer periods of time.


Flight stockings are somewhat extra special, as the pressure in the flight cabin is only three quarters of that of the surface of the earth.  This equals lower flow rate in general which increases the risk of too many red blood cells which in return can create a blood clot if they gather together.  Generally the small blood clots will disappear and dissolve again, so you don’t feel anything. The problem occurs when the clots grow bigger. This problem you can help prevent with the flight stockings which makes sure you have a reasonable flow rate during your entire flight.


Of course there are things you yourself can do to prevent this, for instance by walking up and down the aisle from time to time. This keeps the legs going and hence the blood circulation stabile. The above is not only relevant in connections with flights, but also when you sit still for longer periods of time, however not to the exact same degree. 


Flight stockings in unicolour is the stylish choice


Flight stockings in unicolour are the stylish choice, as the stockings in many ways look exactly like ordinary stockings. If you normally wear knee high stockings the difference is not visible to the bare eye which is an advantage if you wish to keep it neutral and private.


Beside this, it looks very elegant with a pair of stockings in unicolour, as it signals surplus energy and professionalism.  If you are looking for the perfect pair of flight stockings you are without doubt landed in the right category.

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